New website for the new conference! Virtual Southeast Catechist Conference

August 12-15, 2021



The Atlanta Catechist Conference (formerly the ACC) is expanding! We are partnering with our Province Diocese for the upcoming conference this August. Our new name is the Southeast Catechist Conference (SCC).  Our theme this year is ‘Say the Word.’ We’ll be joining Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston and Savannah in bringing our catechists presentations and live Q & A opportunities to continue their education and growth. We expect 50 speakers, with a wide range of subjects in English, Spanish. New this year will be Vietnamese keynote and presentations.


All information about the 2021 SCC can be found on the new website here. 

What participants are saying…

  • The full day of instruction and discussion with competent instructors well versed in their topics offered a day of spiritual educational growth for Catechists who then can go out and spread this knowledge onto their students, their fellow Catholics, their communities.

    Donna Evans St. Benedict Catholic Church
  • "Renewal and refreshment by dedication and knowledge. Was a wonderful opportunity to grow, and grow, and grow on so many levels - spiritually, professionally and relationship. I felt energized to be with so many dedicated servants of the Lord.

    Yvonne Heholt-Campbell St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
  • “As a new catechist, I have found the annual Atlanta Catechist Conference to be both a wonderful experience in the richness of our Catholic faith as well as a crucial component in my ongoing development as a catechist.”

    Mark C. Fazio St. Benedict Catholic Church
  • “The venue was physically comfortable making easy access to the many activities. So many Catholics coming together, including Archbishop Gregory and Bishop Scheslinger, created a warm welcoming family environment.

    Donna Evans St. Benedict Catholic Church
  • "It was very enlightening. A reinforcement of the value & necessity of answering the call of service to God, to the church, to one another."

    Laura Brown St. Patrick's Catholic Church