When does registration open and what does it cost?

Registration will open as soon as all of our speakers have confirmed.  We are working hard to open registration by early spring.  For updates and news, please subscribe at the bottom of this page.  The conference fee this year will be $25.  This registration fee allows us to provide you with a much improved venue and includes a buffet lunch.

How do I earn Catechist Certification Credit?

An Archdiocese of Atlanta catechist certification credit code will be included at the end of the description for each workshop.  Print or obtain a copy of the Catechist Certification Log found on the Catechist Certification webpage.  This will help you keep a record of the courses or workshops that you attend.  Once you complete all requirements, contact your parish catechetical leader who will process your information and provide you with a certificate.

What is Catechist Certification Credit?

Catechist certification is the process of earning credit for the hours that you spend forming your own adult faith, developing your spirituality and learning about methods to convey the teachings of the church to others.  Workshops offered at the ACC are one way to earn credit.  Each catechist is asked to set a goal of achieving Basic Catechist Certification within two years of teaching.  The catechist certification process is open to all adult learners, even those not actively leading faith formation sessions.  Visit the Catechist Certification webpage for additional information

How do I select workshops?

Review the registration brochure or online descriptions of the workshops. Each workshop is assigned a catechist certification code.  Prioritize courses that help you earn certification credit in areas of need.  If you are just beginning, consider workshops that focus on methodology.  These will equip you with skills to manage and engage the group you lead.  If you need additional help in choosing a workshop, consult with your parish catechetical leader.

Who should attend this event?

Workshops will be designed to meet the needs of the following:

  • Parish Volunteer Catechists (English and Spanish)
  • Adult Learners
  • Parish Catechetical Leader Staff (PCL Track)
  • Parish Youth Ministry Staff (Youth Ministry Track)
  • RCIA leaders and volunteers (RCIA Track)
  • Catholic School Teachers seeking Catechist Certification
Why should I attend the Atlanta Catechist Conference (ACC)?

The ACC is an opportunity to gather with other catechists from around the Archdiocese and region to learn, network and share faith and life experiences.  Workshops will be led by national speakers and authors.  All of the workshops you attend can be applied to Archdiocese of Atlanta Catechist Certification requirements; including Basic through Advanced Parish Certification as well as Catholic School Certification.